How to digitalize your business?


Digitalization can refer to many new ways of conceiving one's business, but in recent years, we think mostly of the ways of communication that take place online. The matter also concerns the best way to save time and to save or rationalize expenses.

Let's take a look at the best practices to digitalize your shop!

1 - Getting started with automation with Zapier

Zapier is a platform that allows end users to have apps communicate with each other automatically through workflows. Zapier's main interest is to automate unvaluable and repetitive tasks. It is therefore possible to save time to carry out more value added activities.

Zapier will be particularly useful if you use Google tools: you can link Google Sheets to Gmail or Google Calendar.

Examples of possible automations:

  • Save new Gmail emails matching certain traits to a Google Speadsheet
  • Send emails via Gmail when Google Sheets rows are updated
  • Add new labeled Gmail emails to rows in Google Sheets

If you're advertising on Facebook and your business is about prospecting to a particular audience for leads (B2B), then you'll also love the whole part of Zapier about having your Facebook business manager interact with your emailing software. Plug your apps together and let zapier create contacts, update them or even send SMS to specific contacts when a lead is collected in a Facebook lead campaign.

If you're on Shopify, Zapier lets you connect your Shopify CMS to thousands of apps with no code required. Connect Shopify and Slack, and notify your teams when new orders are placed! Monitor abandoned carts by sending a message to a channel each time a visitor leaves the site without checking out, or keep track of the number of cancelled orders. These are all indicators that allow you to remain watchful!

2 - Make your products unforgettable with shoppable videos

If you are selling in B2C, video marketing is a topic that must be of interest to you. Video is an attractive medium for the consumer. Social networks have figured out this insight and show video content to their communities rather than images. The evolution of Instagram in the sense of a priority given to Stories and then to Reels is still going in this direction.

And on a website, video has many advantages:

If you are already used to working online, you must have created a catalog for your products. This catalog can easily be used to make live shopping or extract shoppable videos! Your online catalog or stock can now help you sell more and digitalize a physical point of sale a little more. This is called phygital! If you have both a physical store and online inventory, this concerns you! Making your entire catalog accessible is one of Payplug's tips in this checklist on digitalization of your store (click on the link to get your checklist ! 😉).

3 - Digitalization of data collection: a perfect CRM

Digitalization has increasingly raised the issue of data collection. Collecting clean data and exploiting it to increase ROI tenfold is a subject that fascinates marketers. Digitalizing your business also means taking care of your CRM: you need to collect clean data, up to date, and in enough quantity to launch your marketing actions.

If off line, you could just get to know your customer in general terms, you now need to collect and cross-reference data to give a very detailed analysis of your customers. And this, in order to propose an adapted offer but also to anticipate its needs: we speak then about predictive analysis.

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