IGK Hair captures attention for 26 minutes at debut live event

Avec ses Live Shopping exclusifs, IGK Hair a démontré le pouvoir de l'innovation vidéo et la nécessité de l'inclure dans une stratégie e-commerce pour se différencier de la concurrence.

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About IGK Hair

IGK Hair is a dynamic haircare brand born out of a collective vision to revolutionize the world of hair care. Crafted by four visionary hairstylists - Franck Izquierdo, Aaron Grenia, Leo Izquierdo, and Chase Kusero - the brand emerged to cater to the evolving demands of modern consumers.

At the heart of IGK's ethos lies an unwavering dedication to innovation. Its founders, driven by a passion for pushing boundaries, relentlessly strive to develop cutting-edge formulas tailored to diverse hair types and lifestyles.

With an extensive array of products ranging from rejuvenating shampoos and nourishing conditioners to transformative hair masks and trend-setting styling solutions, IGK epitomizes luxury with substance. Each meticulously crafted product not only delivers visible results but also encapsulates the brand's ethos of effortless sophistication.

IGK Hair has swiftly ascended to prominence, embraced by discerning consumers, professional stylists, and industry tastemakers alike. Continuously pushing the envelope, IGK remains a pioneering force in shaping contemporary hair trends, ensuring that every individual can effortlessly achieve their desired look while nurturing the health of their hair.

Le contexte

In the face of significant competition in the hair care products market, IGK Hair, collaborating with an agency initially, encountered numerous challenges.

How to stay competitive? It was crucial for the brand to stay consistently updated on the latest e-commerce trends in 2024. With the rapid evolution of online commerce, including the rise of social commerce and the utilization of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, IGK Hair had to adapt to fully capitalize on these new sales and marketing opportunities.

How can we inject a touch of innovation? This not only involved rethinking how the brand sold its products online but also developing creative strategies to further engage customers and create an interactive shopping experience.

By innovating, IGK Hair could stand out in the competitive market, strengthen its online presence, and foster customer loyalty through engaging shopping experiences.

La solution

The agency advised IGK Hair to implement video content on its website. IGK Hair has chosen to collaborate with LiveMeUp to overcome all its challenges.

  • To strengthen its customer relationship, IGK Hair implements an effective CRM strategy. By analyzing customer data, personalizing interactions, and offering attentive service, the brand creates lasting bonds and fosters customer loyalty, thus contributing to its growth.

  • IGK Hair harnesses the power of Live Shopping, offered by LiveMeUp, by hosting a live session on its e-commerce site once a month and simultaneously broadcasting on its favorite social networks: Facebook and Instagram, to reach a wider audience. By combining these interactive events with engaging post-Live communication and the use of exclusive promotional codes only during Live sessions, the brand generates excitement, increased sales, and strengthens its online presence.

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Les résultats

For its very first live event, IGK Hair enlisted the help of Karla, a licensed hairstylist with 15 years of experience and an influencer based in Los Angeles. Karla presented live tutorials on professional hairstyling and shared tips on the products she uses to create professional and easy-to-do looks at home. During the live session, an exclusive offer of 40% off the entire IGK Hair website was provided, greatly contributing to conversion. The entertainment and engagement were present for this live event.

Tout au long du live, la communauté a participé activement au chat, en postant 227 messages et en donnant 647 likes et réactions, soit une moyenne de 5 réactions par téléspectateur. La durée moyenne de visionnage est de 26 minutes. La marque a non seulement proposé un code promotionnel, mais a également fait la promotion du replay du live, permettant ainsi à la communauté d'effectuer des achats même après la fin du live. En direct, une moyenne de 20 $ est ajoutée aux paniers chaque minute.

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