Guide Live shopping 2022 : spécial beauté et mode

Comment tirer le meilleur parti de live shopping en fonction des spécificités de votre secteur ? + BONUS MEILLEURES INFLUENCEUSES ET LEURS TARIFS !

Cover of the live shopping guide for fashion and beauty industies

Why do you need this guide?

Live shopping :
- differentiates you from other brands,
- creates a privileged space for dialogue
- rethinks the shopping environment to make it a more playful and thoughtful act, and therefore less subject to returns and refunds.

But how do you make the most of it depending on the specifics of your industry?


Here's what you will get :

  1. The need to embed the live stream to your website
  2. Live shopping is the perfect tool for your industry
  3. The 4 main themes for your live shopping
  4. Conseils pour assurer un nombre minimum de spectateurs

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